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First Base Solutions VuMAP

VuMAP is an online mapping application that provides access to the library of high-quality, high-resolution aerial imagery acquired by First Base Solutions. VuMAP works through your web browser, using the familiar Google MapsTM and Google Street ViewTM controls and search, and does not require any plug-ins or installations.

Whether you have an ongoing need for land information or have a small project spanning a few days, VuMAP's flexible subscription options and 24/7 online accessibility will allow you to get the information you need to make informed decisions, on time and on budget.

VuMAP isn't just a viewing tool; it includes a number of easy-to-use tools to help you get the most out of your data. Measure distances, draw/trace objects, label features, perform layer queries, advanced search functions, save/print views, and share data with other VuMAP subscribers in your company. View information online, print it, export it for use in presentations and documents, or store your customized settings for future reference.

Expanded Aerial Coverage Now Includes:

  • Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer
  • British Columbia: Vancouver, Victoria
  • New Brunswick: Moncton, Saint John
  • Newfoundland: St John's
  • Nova Scotia: Halifax
  • Ontario: South Central, South Western, Muskoka & Ottawa Region
  • Saskatchewan: Saskatoon
  • Quebec: Montreal, Quebec City

Subscription Options

  • One year subscription with unlimited usage.
  • Different vintages for imagery layers
  • New subscriptions can be purchased online using a credit card.
  • Multi-user corporate discounts

Data Layers

In addition to high-resolution imagery, VuMAP includes:

High-Resolution Orthophotography (see coverage map) More Information Yes
Contours More Information Yes
Teranet PIN Parcels More Information Yes
ARN Assessment Parcels More Information Yes
Ontario Base Map (OBM) More Information Yes
Canadian Land Inventory Soils Yes
Google MapsTM Yes
Google Street ViewTM Yes
What is an orthophoto?

An orthophoto or orthophotograph is an aerial photograph that has been geometrically corrected ("orthorectified") such that the scale of the photograph is uniform, meaning that the photo can be considered equivalent to a map. Unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthophotograph can be used to measure true distances, because it is an accurate representation of the earth's surface, having been adjusted for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt.

What does the resolution mean?

The resolution used to describe orthophoto is the amount of ground distance each pixel of the image covers. The smaller the resolution the more detail in the image. For example in a 15cm resolution image you would be able to identify man hole covers, catch basins and people.