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First Base Solutions VuMapProvided By: First Base Solutions


VuMAP is a low cost online GIS with up to date high resolution orthophotography for all of Southern Ontario, Teranet ®, MPAC parcel information and more. It includes roads, township lot and concession boundaries, property lines (PINs, ARNs), places of interest, elevations, orthophotography, lot lines, right of ways, soil classifications and other data layers. Subscribers can measure distances, draw/trace objects, annotate, perform layer queries, save/print views, import and export data. Perform change detection, visualize slopes, industry, protected areas, watersheds, ecosystems, vegetation and soils in context with high resolution orthophotography, property lines, right of ways, road allowances, easements and Google Maps ™ and Street View ™.

Price: $1,500.00 per year plus tax

For more information regarding VuMAP or to view a live demonstration of VuMAP, please contact us at 905-477-3600 or sales@firstbasesolutions.com


First Base Solutions Orthophoto Contours
    2002 FBS Imagery
    2006 FBS Imagery
    2007 FBS Imagery
    2008 FBS Imagery
    2009 FBS Imagery
    2010 FBS Imagery
    2011 FBS Imagery
    2012 FBS Imagery
    2013 FBS Imagery
    2014 FBS Imagery
    2015 FBS Imagery
    2016 FBS Imagery
    Aquatic Ecosystems
    DRAPE 2008
    Dundee Holmwood
    Dundee Parcels
    FBS 1m Contours
    Geodetic Control
    New Brunswick Property
    OBM Contours
    Ontario Road Network
    Parks and Nature Reserves
    Places to Grow
    Restricted Growth Areas
    Soils Descriptions
    Terrestrial Ecosystems
    Township Fabric
Google Data
    Google Roads
    Google Satellite
    Google Streetview
Ontario Parcel
    Assessment Parcel
    Teranet Parcel